Port Bonython Facility and Jetty Fire Foam Upgrade

About Project

Fire Engineering Solutions (FES) was selected by Santos to undertake the upgrade of the Port Bonython Facility and Jetty foam system. The scope of work encompassed a comprehensive study, upgrade, testing, and certification of the fire foam system and its components to ensure compliance with the new Fluorine-free fire foam regulations.

As part of the project, FES undertook the following tasks:

  1. Study and Analysis: FES conducted a thorough assessment of the existing foam system at both the onshore facility and the jetty. This involved studying the system’s design, components, and operational requirements to identify areas that required upgrading or modification.
  2. Upgrade and Retrofit: Based on the findings of the study, FES implemented necessary upgrades to the foam system and its components. This included replacing or retrofitting equipment to accommodate the new Fluorine-free fire foam and ensuring compatibility and functionality.
  3. Testing and Certification: FES conducted rigorous testing and evaluation of the upgraded foam system to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with regulatory standards. The system’s performance was assessed under various scenarios to verify its ability to respond to fire incidents. Upon successful testing, FES provided the necessary certification to validate the system’s compliance with the new regulations.
  4. Cleaning and Decontamination: FES undertook the crucial task of cleaning and decontaminating the entire foam system, which had been affected by PFAS contamination. This meticulous process ensured the removal of PFAS residues, providing Santos with a clean and PFAS-free foam system.

At the conclusion of the project, FES issued a PFAS-free certificate to Santos, confirming that the foam system was now free from PFAS contamination and compliant with the new regulations. This certification assured Santos of the system’s environmental compliance and adherence to industry standards.

Through its expertise in fire engineering and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, FES successfully upgraded the Port Bonython Facility and Jetty foam system for Santos. The project not only ensured compliance with Fluorine-free fire foam requirements but also addressed the crucial aspect of PFAS contamination, providing a safe and environmentally friendly solution.

Santos benefited from FES’s comprehensive approach, which included system analysis, upgrading, testing, and certification, resulting in a fully compliant and decontaminated foam system. FES’s successful completion of the project further solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in providing reliable fire engineering solutions.