Santos- Moomba Plant

About Project

Fire Engineering Solutions (FES) was entrusted by Santos to undertake the upgrade of the PFAS contaminated foam system at the Moomba plant. The project aimed to address the presence of PFAS and ensure the system’s compliance with regulatory requirements.

The project consisted of the following key phases:

  1. Study Phase: FES conducted a thorough study and assessment of the existing foam system at the Moomba plant. This involved analyzing the extent of PFAS contamination and evaluating the system’s performance and components.
  2. System Upgrade: Based on the findings from the study phase, FES proceeded to upgrade the entire foam system. The focus was on replacing the existing foam with a non-fluorine foam system, which would eliminate the PFAS contamination and provide an environmentally friendly solution.
  3. Testing and Certification: Following the system upgrade, FES conducted rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with regulatory requirements. The foam system underwent comprehensive testing under various conditions and scenarios to verify its performance and adherence to EPA and AS (Australian Standards) guidelines. Once the system passed all the necessary tests, FES provided the required certification to validate its compliance.

By appointing FES for this project, Santos entrusted the expertise of a reliable fire engineering solutions provider. FES successfully upgraded the PFAS contaminated foam system at the Moomba plant, replacing it with a non-fluorine foam system that met regulatory requirements.

The completion of the project ensured that the foam system at the Moomba plant was no longer contaminated with PFAS and was in full compliance with the guidelines set by the EPA and AS. FES’s meticulous approach, from the initial study phase to the final testing and certification, guaranteed a high level of quality and compliance.

Santos benefited from FES’s expertise in fire engineering solutions, which resulted in an upgraded foam system that addressed the PFAS contamination issue and complied with environmental and safety regulations. FES’s successful completion of the project further solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in providing effective and compliant fire protection solutions.