Brisbane parallel runway

About Project

Fire Engineering Solutions (FES) was contracted by Aireplus company for the construction of a new Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS). The project’s scope encompassed upgrading the bulk foam storage and replenishment system, which played a crucial role in managing and storing foam required for the effective delivery of ARFFS services. FES undertook the following responsibilities to fulfill the project requirements:

(a) Design: FES utilized its expertise in fire engineering to develop a comprehensive design that met the specific needs of the ARFFS facility. The design incorporated innovative solutions and industry best practices to optimize foam storage and replenishment processes.

(b) Development of Technical Documentation: FES generated detailed technical documentation, ensuring clarity and accuracy in the implementation of the project. These documents served as a reference for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the upgraded foam storage and replenishment system.

(c) Manufacture: FES collaborated with trusted manufacturers to produce high-quality equipment and components necessary for the efficient functioning of the ARFFS foam storage and replenishment system. Stringent quality control measures were implemented to ensure compliance with industry standards.

(d) Installation: FES’s experienced installation team undertook the physical implementation of the upgraded system. Following the design specifications and technical documentation, the installation process was carried out meticulously, considering factors such as safety, efficiency, and integration with existing infrastructure.

By providing comprehensive services ranging from design to installation, FES ensured a seamless and efficient upgrade to the bulk foam storage and replenishment system for the ARFFS. The collaborative efforts between FES and Aireplus company guaranteed that the project was executed with professionalism and expertise.

Through its commitment to delivering reliable and innovative fire engineering solutions, FES played a vital role in enhancing the ARFFS capabilities of the facility. The upgraded foam storage and replenishment system would contribute to the effective management and response to aircraft-related fire emergencies, ensuring the safety and security of personnel, passengers, and assets.

By engaging FES for the new ARFFS construction project, Aireplus company benefited from the expertise and industry knowledge of a trusted fire engineering partner. The successful completion of the project further reinforced FES’s reputation for delivering top-quality solutions while meeting client requirements and adhering to project timelines.