About Project

Fire Engineering Solutions (FES) was entrusted by Airservices Australia to address a critical issue pertaining to the existing storage arrangements of foam at various Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS) stations. As a temporary measure, the foam was stored in totes due to external factors affecting the previous storage arrangements. FES undertook the following scope of work to provide necessary upgrades to the bulk foam storage and replenishment system, ensuring the seamless management and storage of foam essential for the delivery of ARFFS:

(a) Design: FES leveraged its expertise in fire engineering to develop a comprehensive design plan that optimized the storage and replenishment of foam. The design considered factors such as safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards to ensure the effectiveness of the upgraded system.

(b) Development of Technical Documentation: FES generated detailed technical documentation, encompassing specifications and guidelines for the implementation of the upgraded foam storage and replenishment system. These documents served as a valuable resource for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the system.

(c) Manufacture: FES collaborated with reputable manufacturers to produce high-quality equipment and components required for the efficient functioning of the bulk foam storage and replenishment system. Stringent quality control measures were implemented to ensure reliability and adherence to industry standards.

(d) Installation: FES’s experienced installation team undertook the physical installation of the upgraded system at the ARFFS stations. The installation process adhered to the design specifications and technical documentation, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure and operational requirements.

Through the diligent execution of the project, FES provided Airservices Australia with a reliable and upgraded foam storage and replenishment system. This enhancement resolved the challenges posed by external factors and ensured the proper management and availability of foam for ARFFS operations.

By engaging FES, Airservices Australia benefited from a trusted fire engineering partner with expertise in addressing complex storage and system challenges. The successful completion of the project highlighted FES’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions while meeting client expectations and adhering to project timelines.

The upgraded bulk foam storage and replenishment system implemented by FES contributed to the efficient and effective delivery of ARFFS services, reinforcing the commitment to safety and security in aviation operations.