Gas Processing Plant – Wallumbilla

About Project

Fire Engineering Solutions (FES) was selected by AGL to undertake the upgrade and refurbishment of the fire safety systems at their Wallumbilla LPG processing plant. The project aimed to enhance the existing fire safety measures and incorporate new systems for improved protection.

The scope of work included the following key activities:

  1. Re-designing Existing Fire Safety Systems: FES conducted a comprehensive assessment of the current fire safety systems in place for LPG storage tanks and pumps at the Wallumbilla plant. Based on the findings, FES re-designed the systems to enhance their effectiveness, reliability, and compliance with safety standards.
  2. Designing a Fire Spray Cage for a New Load-out Facility: As part of the project, FES was tasked with designing a fire spray cage for a new load-out facility. The fire spray cage was designed to provide efficient fire suppression capabilities, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment during the loading process.
  3. Project Management and Delivery: FES’s project management team took full responsibility for the successful delivery and commissioning of the upgraded fire safety systems. They oversaw all aspects of the project, including procurement, installation, and testing, to ensure timely and budget-compliant execution.

The project was completed in late 2014, meeting the specified timelines and budget requirements. FES’s commitment to delivering the project on time and within budget demonstrates their expertise in managing fire safety system upgrades in industrial environments.

AGL benefited from FES’s comprehensive approach to fire engineering solutions. The upgraded and refurbished fire safety systems at the Wallumbilla LPG processing plant provided enhanced protection for LPG storage tanks, pumps, and the new load-out facility. The re-designed systems and the newly installed fire spray cage ensured compliance with safety standards and mitigated fire-related risks effectively.

FES’s successful completion of the project further solidified their reputation as a trusted partner in delivering high-quality fire engineering solutions. The Wallumbilla LPG processing plant now boasts improved fire safety systems, providing AGL with peace of mind and a safer operating environment.

ServiceUpgrade and refurbish the fire safety systems