ATOM Terminals

About Project

Fire Engineering Solutions (FES) was selected by UGL to provide a range of services for the fire systems in various ATOM terminals across the country. UGL entrusted FES with the responsibility of supplying essential equipment, conducting engineering activities, and overseeing inspection and supervision tasks to ensure the optimal functioning and compliance of the fire systems.

FES’s scope of work encompassed the following key areas:

  1. Supply: FES procured and provided the necessary fire system equipment and components required for the ATOM terminals. With access to a wide range of high-quality products from trusted manufacturers, FES ensured the availability of reliable and compliant fire system solutions.
  2. Engineering Activities: FES leveraged its expertise in fire engineering to undertake various engineering activities related to the ATOM terminals’ fire systems. This included system design, configuration, and optimization to meet the specific requirements and standards of each terminal.
  3. Inspection: FES conducted comprehensive inspections of the fire systems in the ATOM terminals. Through meticulous evaluation and testing, FES ensured that the systems were in proper working order, adhering to safety regulations, and effectively protecting the terminals and their assets.
  4. Supervision: FES provided professional supervision services to oversee the installation, maintenance, and operation of the fire systems. This involved on-site monitoring, quality control, and compliance checks to ensure that the systems were implemented and maintained to the highest standards.

By entrusting FES with these responsibilities, UGL benefited from a trusted partner with extensive experience and knowledge in fire system solutions. FES’s involvement ensured that the ATOM terminals’ fire systems were robust, reliable, and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Throughout the collaboration, FES maintained a strong commitment to excellence, delivering reliable and efficient solutions while prioritizing safety and compliance. UGL could rely on FES’s expertise to provide comprehensive support for their fire systems, contributing to the overall safety and security of the ATOM terminals nationwide.

With its proven track record and dedication to delivering high-quality fire engineering solutions, FES successfully fulfilled its role in supplying, conducting engineering activities, and providing inspection and supervision services for the fire systems in the ATOM terminals. This partnership between FES and UGL demonstrated the effectiveness of their collaboration in ensuring the reliable and compliant operation of fire systems in critical infrastructure facilities.