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About Project

Fire Engineering Solutions (FES) was entrusted with a critical task at the Chemical Plant, which involved replacing the outdated fire foam with the advanced F3 Foam. Our scope of work encompassed this crucial transition to enhance the plant’s fire suppression capabilities and ensure optimal safety measures.

Recognizing the importance of upgrading the fire foam system, FES undertook the responsibility of sourcing and implementing the new F3 Foam. This cutting-edge foam solution offers improved firefighting properties, increased efficiency, and enhanced environmental sustainability compared to the outdated foam it replaced.

By replacing the old fire foam with the new F3 Foam, FES demonstrated its commitment to providing state-of-the-art fire protection solutions. Our expertise in identifying suitable alternatives and executing seamless transitions allowed the Chemical Plant to upgrade its fire suppression capabilities while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

The successful completion of this project highlights FES’s dedication to delivering effective and innovative fire safety solutions. Through the implementation of the new F3 Foam, we ensured that the Chemical Plant had a reliable and efficient fire suppression system in place, mitigating potential risks and promoting a safer working environment for employees and assets.

FES’s scope encompassed the entire process of replacing the old fire foam, ensuring a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of the Chemical Plant. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our operations, as we continue to provide cutting-edge fire engineering solutions to enhance safety across various industries.


Delivered Services

Fire Engineering Solutions (FES) assumed full responsibility for a comprehensive range of tasks related to the engineering, supply, installation, commissioning, and certification of the new foam system. The scope of our involvement is outlined below:

  • Engineering review of the old foam protection system and propose required changes to the system
  • Select and Supply alcohol resistance flour free foam in accordance to AS requirements for foam concentrate of the plant.
  • Supply and install a new 5000L fire foam tank in the existing location
  • Supply and install a shed on foam tank and reserve drums.
  • Flushing/cleaning the foam concentrate pipework to achieve the reduction in fluorine content as required by QLD DEHP policy
  • Adjusting the foam system components to compensate for the change in viscosity between AFFF (3.5 Cs) and new foam (5000 Cs) and deliver foam solution at the proportion required by AS and NFPA.
  • Transfer and dispose of 7000L foam concentrate from fire foam tank, 10 drums and two IBCs.
  • Certify the Foam protection system in terms of Fluorine free foam replacement and Fire protection performance
CompletedNovember 2018
ServiceReplace the old fire foam with new F3 Foam