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About Project

The South Australian EPA recently introduced new PFAS policies, and in response to these regulations, a noteworthy project was initiated. This project marked a significant milestone as it became the first of its kind in South Australia aimed at upgrading the fire foam system in accordance with the new policies. The Client, recognizing the importance of adhering to the updated regulations, made the decision to transition from using AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) to a fluorine-free foam concentrate.

By embracing this change, the Client demonstrated their commitment to aligning with the revised policy requirements set forth by the South Australian EPA. The decision to switch or cleanse the existing fire foam system represented a proactive approach in order to achieve compliance.

The implementation of a fluorine-free foam concentrate not only ensures compliance but also contributes to reducing the environmental impact associated with PFAS substances. This shift in foam technology showcases the Client’s dedication to responsible practices and their willingness to prioritize the well-being of the environment.

This project serves as a commendable example of how organizations can adapt and take steps towards sustainability and regulatory compliance. By embracing the new PFAS policies and proactively upgrading their fire foam system, the Client sets a precedent for other entities operating in South Australia, promoting the importance of adhering to environmental regulations and safeguarding our ecosystems.

Delivered Services

After conducting a comprehensive fire foam review, we successfully provided 30,000 liters of Solberg Foam, catering to the specific requirements of the project. Our primary objective was to decontaminate the foam delivery system of M Berth in Adelaide, which encompassed an extensive underground foam piping network spanning approximately 500 meters.

To ensure thorough cleansing, we employed a cutting-edge approach that involved the application of appropriate chemical solvents and innovative cleaning techniques for the underground piping network. This meticulous process effectively eliminated any contaminants present within the system. Furthermore, we meticulously adjusted four foam proportioners, utilizing a balanced type, to accommodate the new physical properties of the foam.

The project was executed in 2018, meeting both the scheduled timeline and the allocated budget. Notably, the entire process was carried out seamlessly, causing no disruptions to the operation of M Berth or the schedules of the ships utilizing the facility. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results without any adverse side effects on the day-to-day activities of M Berth demonstrates our dedication to both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

By successfully completing this project, we have solidified our position as a trusted provider of high-quality fire foam solutions. Our ability to deliver on time and within budget, while ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of critical operations, serves as a testament to our expertise in handling complex tasks.

ClientFlinders Port
ServiceUpgrade fire foam system