Wharf 1 – Port of Mackay

About Project

Our team was entrusted with a significant responsibility: to design, supply, and commission the specialized fire protection equipment necessary for the upgrade of the fire systems at Port of Mackay Wharf 1. As the project progressed, the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection introduced new guidelines that had a direct impact on the Client’s operations. Given that the Client was a state-owned organization, it was imperative for them to adhere to these guidelines. Consequently, a decision was made to transition from using AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) to a fluorine-free foam concentrate to ensure compliance with the updated policy.

With a thorough understanding of the requirements outlined by the Queensland Government, our team worked diligently to meet the needs of the project. We undertook the task of designing and procuring the necessary fire protection equipment tailored specifically to the upgrade of Port of Mackay Wharf 1’s fire systems. Our comprehensive solution accounted for the shift from AFFF to a fluorine-free foam concentrate, aligning with the new policy enforced by the government.

Through meticulous planning and execution, we successfully commissioned the specialized fire protection equipment within the specified time frame. This seamless integration of upgraded systems enabled the Port of Mackay Wharf 1 to enhance its fire safety capabilities, while also meeting the regulatory requirements imposed by the Queensland Government.

Our commitment to delivering solutions that meet both compliance and operational needs underscores our dedication to providing effective fire protection systems. By adapting to the evolving guidelines and providing a tailored approach to the upgrade, we ensure that our clients are equipped with cutting-edge fire protection technology while maintaining their commitment to environmental stewardship

Delivered Service

The foam/water monitor system implemented for this project employed top-of-the-line components, including SKUM FJM-100 monitors, FireDos FD6000 proportioners, and Solberg Re-Healing RF MB foam concentrate. To ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, a custom-built monitor control system was developed in-house.

By utilizing the SKUM FJM-100 monitors, we ensured the effective delivery of foam and water in emergency situations. The FireDos FD6000 proportioners were specifically chosen for their precision and reliability in accurately mixing the foam concentrate with water, ensuring optimal fire suppression capabilities. The Solberg Re-Healing RF MB foam concentrate employed in the system is renowned for its exceptional firefighting properties and environmental sustainability.

To provide a comprehensive solution, we designed and developed a monitor control system that met the specific requirements of the project. This custom-built system facilitated seamless control and operation of the foam/water monitor system, enabling efficient deployment of fire suppression measures.

The successful delivery of the project in early 2015 demonstrated our commitment to meeting deadlines and adhering to the allocated budget. Through meticulous planning, efficient execution, and attention to detail, we ensured that the project was completed on time, ensuring the enhanced fire protection capabilities of the facility while staying within the established financial framework.

The integration of the SKUM FJM-100 monitors, FireDos FD6000 proportioners, Solberg Re-Healing RF MB foam concentrate, and the custom-built monitor control system underscored our dedication to providing state-of-the-art fire protection solutions. Our commitment to delivering projects on schedule and within budget further solidifies our reputation as a reliable and efficient provider of specialized fire protection systems.

ClientThe Port of Mackay
ServiceFire systems upgrade