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Aircraft Hangar - Brisbane Airport

Early in 2012 Brisbane Airport Corporation introduced a new policy which banned liquids with the potential to damage the environment being released from any building within the airport boundaries. This included fuel spills, aircraft wash down and fire fighting foam. The most practical way to meet these requirements is to provide a capture tank large enough to contain a worst case fuel spill and fire scenario. However the airport is built on reclaimed land where the water table can be less than 1m below surface making large underground tanks difficult to build.

International hangar construction specialist, BettaBuilt appointed Fire Engineering Solutions to design a least cost fire protection system that met the airport environmental policy, complied with the Building Code of Australia and minimised the risk of fire damage to aircraft within the hangar.

The risk of fire damage to aircraft is well sated in FM Global Loss Prevention Data Sheet 7-93N (3.1) “Tests by the US Federal Aviation Authority and others indicate that an aircraft fuselage skin will fail within 45 seconds from a flammable liquid fire exposure”.

NFPA 409 offers several options for fire protection in hangars, although none of which are sufficiently fast enough to ensure significant damage to aircraft does not occur. A performance based fire suppression design was developed to meet the FM guideline and compliance with NFPA 11 using high expansion foam, to minimise the volume of the capture tank.

Our project management team took responsibility for the installation and commissioning of the system. The project was delivered on time and on budget in October 2012