Outer harbour berth 4 – Adelaide

About Project

Sinclair Knight Merz entrusted Fire Engineering Solutions with the task of designing a fire safety system for a bulk fuels import wharf located at Outer Harbour, Adelaide. Our objective was to develop a system that not only complied with Australian Standards but also aligned with Australia’s obligations under SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea).

In order to optimize installation efficiency within the constraints of a busy wharf, we devised a unique approach. The pumps, foam storage, proportioning equipment, and control station were meticulously assembled within a shipping container. This allowed for streamlined on-site installation and commissioning processes. By pre-commissioning the system prior to delivery, we significantly reduced installation time and minimized disruption to the operations of the bustling wharf.

To ensure effective fire suppression capabilities, foam/water monitors were strategically mounted on 12-meter towers. These towers were ingeniously designed with hinges, enabling the monitors to be lowered to a horizontal position for convenient maintenance access. This innovative feature facilitated efficient upkeep and ensured the system’s reliability over time.

Taking full responsibility for the installation and commissioning, our project management team ensured a smooth and timely execution. The collaborative efforts of our skilled professionals, coupled with meticulous planning and effective project management, enabled us to deliver the system ahead of schedule in early 2014. Furthermore, the project was completed within the established budget, highlighting our commitment to cost efficiency and client satisfaction.

The successful completion of this project stands as a testament to our expertise in designing and implementing fire safety systems that meet stringent regulatory standards. By customizing solutions to suit the specific needs of the Outer Harbour bulk fuels import wharf, we demonstrated our ability to navigate complex challenges and provide innovative fire engineering solutions.

ClientFlinders Ports
ServiceInstallation and commissioning of the system