Pinkenba Common User Berth – Brisbane

About Project

We were tasked with delivering a cost-effective fire safety system for a berth that was regularly utilized, while ensuring compliance with both Australian Standards and Australia’s SOLAS obligations (Safety of Life at Sea). Given cost limitations and space constraints at the site, we determined that a fresh water supply system without the need for tanks would be the most suitable solution.

In order to optimize installation efficiency and minimize disruption on the busy wharf, we devised a strategic approach. The pumps, foam storage, proportioning equipment, and control station were skillfully assembled within a shipping container. This containerized solution allowed for streamlined on-site installation and commissioning processes. By pre-commissioning the system before delivery, we significantly reduced installation time and minimized the impact on regular operations at the berth.

To ensure effective fire suppression capabilities, foam/water monitors were strategically mounted on 12-meter towers. These towers were ingeniously designed with hinges, allowing the monitors to be lowered to a horizontal position for convenient maintenance access. This innovative feature facilitated efficient upkeep and ensured the system’s reliability over time.

The successful delivery of this project in early 2012 is notable not only for its compliance with safety regulations but also for its cost-effectiveness. Despite being substantially lower in cost compared to traditional wharf fire safety systems, we ensured that the solution met the required standards and delivered reliable performance.

By leveraging our expertise in fire safety engineering and our commitment to innovative solutions, we were able to overcome the challenges posed by cost limitations and space constraints. This project stands as a testament to our ability to provide tailored fire safety systems that meet stringent regulations while considering the unique needs and limitations of each project.

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